4 Key Benefits of a Professional Home Theater System Installation

Needless clutter, broken signals, and uneven audio are just a few of the problems usually associated with a home theater system. Designing your own system on the fly using equipment found off the shelf can end terribly. Video signals need the right cabling, speakers need to be expertly laid out, and a professional needs to ensure that all components are compatible.

On the whole, there needs to be a comprehensive plan in place to create professional home theater system in your Atlanta, GA home.

1.Prepare a Comprehensive Plan

When planning a custom home theater system, the best results will come if you lay out every possible detail in advance.

  • Do I want to use a television or screen?

  • Will I be transmitting HD or 4K content?

  • How many people will my theater seat?

  • What kind of stylistic theme do I want to have?

When you work with our team at Dynamic Home Systems, our first step is to make sure you’re aware of all of these options. We’ll walk you through everything that’s available to you to ensure that you understand their impact on your home theater installation.

2. Invest in the Best Equipment

Are you sure the speakers you picked out are the best for your system? Just because they were the most expensive, doesn’t always mean they’re the right choice.

Once we know your home’s unique needs and preferences, we help you find the best projectors, screens and speakers for your dream home theater. As we do this, we take into account how you’ll use your system, the amount of light entering your room and how big your space is.

For example, depending on the amount of space you have, you may want to opt for in-wall speakers rather than floor standing ones.

3. Prime Your System for Growth

Eliminating clutter is important when it comes to a home theater system. After working painstakingly on the right theme and layout for your room, do you want to deal with a bunch of wires in the corner? Another benefit of a professional installation is that all cabling is kept hidden behind walls to preserve your home’s style.

The experts at Dynamic Home Systems prime your space for growth. We include additional wiring in your system, so you can just plug in new speakers when needed.

4. Create an Easy Control Solution

After you’ve installed all your equipment, it’s time to figure out how you’re going to manage it. There’s no need to have a different remote for your screen, Blu-ray player, media library or the rest of the technology in the room. We can incorporate everything in a Control4 system so you can use a touchpad, tablet or smartphone to control every aspect of your custom home theater system.

Why deal with a stressful DIY installation that can result in an inferior product? Contact Dynamic Home Systems for a custom theater that gets the most out of your space and provides you with the best bang for your buck.

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