5 Ways to Control Your Home with Your Smartphone

Nowadays we all use our smartphones to manage nearly every facet of our lives. At Dynamic Home Systems our question is this:

Why aren’t you using your phone to make your home life easier?

Here are 5 practical ways to use your smartphone to remotely control your home from anywhere in the world. Let’s dive in!

Setting a Wake Up Scene

Your phone is generally the first thing we look at upon waking up—why not let it help you start your day? After you scroll through you Facebook feed, press a button on your phone that activates a ‘Good Morning’s scene. Lay down and relax as your motorized shades open automatically and your favorite song starts playing.

You might even start looking forward to Monday mornings!

Activate your security system

Most people are familiar with the control panel on the side of your wall to adjust your security and alarm system, but did you know you can do the same thing with your smartphone or tablet?

Improvements in technology and connectivity make location requirement a thing of the past, in terms of the ability to control your security settings. No need to call your security company to adjust your settings if you’re not home, just open an app and check in on your home or office.

Lock your doors

We have keyless entry and push-button start for our vehicles, so it makes sense to have it for our homes too!

Imagine you’re at work and your neighbor wants to borrow your Game of Thrones DVD set for a binge-watching session—no need for you to leave work or leave a spare key for him, just press a button and unlock your front door from your smartphone and lock it again once he’s gone.

Answer your doorbell

Remote locking/unlocking your door is cool, but you know what’s better? Answering your doorbell

remotely with your mobile device!

There are a lot of smart home features, but this one is just may be the coolest. WiFi-enabled doorbells feature a camera that can allow you to video chat with whoever is ringing your doorbell from your phone.

Adjust your thermostat

Too chilly in the office all day? Crank up the heat in the living room with a tap of your smartphone as you leave work to be warmly invited back into your home.

Better yet, program your Control4 system automatically adjust the temperature accordingly based on the outside temperature or time of the day. It’s about intelligent temperature control, personalized just as you desire, making your home more comfortable, and saving some “green” at the same time.

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