How Smart Home Technology is Helping Pet Owners Improve the Lives of Their Pets

The revolution of smart home technology is leading to drastic changes in daily routines for both homeowners and their pet counterparts.

It’s allowing for a more enhanced experience whether you’re relaxing with your furry friend on the couch or you’re away from home and want to ensure they’re comfortable, safe and well taken care of.

Automated Doggie-Doors and Cat-Doors

When you’re home, you might enjoy the convenience of a pets-only door so your pets can get in and out of the house as they need to. When you’re away however, it can be difficult to monitor those entry and exit doors.

A smart dog door utilizes a key, which is attached to your furry friends collar, that alerts a smart dog door to open and close accordingly, thus eliminating the need for Fido to keep his legs crossed until you get home from a long day at the office.

Monitoring Them While You’re Away

Simply utilizing an app on your phone along with a custom installed camera surveillance system, you can check up on your pets while you’re away from home via your mobile device.

In addition, with the installation of a motion detection device with your smart system, you can receive push notifications that lets you know when your pet used the bathroom or pull-up any camera in the house or even outside in the yard.

Not only that, the “extra eyes” can help you analyze any potential separation anxiety they may be experiencing and alleviate some of your own worry of wondering what your pet does when you’re away. By keeping watch over your pets, you might discover behaviors and learn things that you may not have otherwise known.

Keep Them Company While You’re Away

No matter how well behaved your pets are, you can’t help but feel somewhat guilty and concerned when you’re away from home for an extended period of time.

With a smart home system from Dynamic Home Systems, pet owners are able to quell some of that anxiety.

By programming your television or whole house audio system to turn on and off throughout the day, you’re able to provide your pets with a greater sense of comfort and some company whether you’re gone for a few minutes or all day.

With smart home technology, the days of worrying whether or not your pet is safe, fed and relaxing comfortable while you’re away from home is a thing of the past.

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